A Volunteer-based Task Force in the Community coming together to help connect Mental Health Resources to the Community.

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Meet Cassidy Joined for Hope

Cassidy Joined for Hope (borrowed from www.cassidyjoinedforhope.com)   “Cassidy is our beautiful 16 year old daughter who tragically lost her life to suicide December 20, 2015. Cassidy was the happiest, funniest, most free-spirited person you would ever meet. She enjoyed life to the fullest… she was fearless! She was goofy, she...

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Meet Sevenapples

Sevenapples Sevenapples is a ministry in pictures devoted to helping people overcome depression by encouraging their identity and purpose.  Featuring inspiring artwork, easy-to-use tools for introspection, and dozens of sermons from our nationally acclaimed sermon series ‘The Gospel According to Twenty Øne Piløts’, thousands of users discover hope each day...

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2020 Community Help Expo