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The BHSP Community Task Force exists to create a happier, healthier community by raising awareness about behavioral health and suicide through education, prevention and connections.


The Behavioral Health & Suicide Prevention Task Force is asking for those who feel compelled to answer the call to action to join the Task Force to help create a community that’s smart about mental health. Explore our work-groups below and consider joining us in our cause to educate and support Montgomery County. 

Our Work-Groups

The Montgomery County Behavioral Health & Suicide Prevention(BHSP) Task Force meets monthly and  has several small work-groups available for you to volunteer with. Please see the different work-groups and contact a leader via email on the work-group page(s) if you would like to volunteer.




Building Stronger Communities

"To increase awareness of trauma and grief and its impacts in our community by providing education and training."

Resources & Implementation

"Will champion access and delivery of proactive, quality-driven, responsive, community-wide prevention, identification, intervention and treatment options that support comprehensive behavioral health and suicide prevention services."

Marketing, Communications & Technology

"The BHSP Marketing Team exists to establish to spread awareness of the mental health and suicide prevention resources available in our county while emphasizing the values of life, love, and...

Trauma & Grief

"To increase awareness of trauma and grief and its impacts in our community by providing education and training."

Training & Community Development

" assist in providing the community of Montgomery County with vetted prevention, intervention, and support and skill development programs..."

Adult Suicide

"Reduce adult suicide through education, support and outreach. To realize zero adult deaths by suicide in Montgomery County. "


"To have more public awareness and training, collaborate to maintain and publicize the resources available in  the Montgomery County Area, find means of building new and further funding current treatment...

First Responders

"Influence a courageous culture change regarding  mental health within our first responder community."

Major Mental Health

"Major mental health is a network of caring professionals bringing awareness to the community by providing support and resources to individuals in crisis and families. "

Military Connected

"Increase awareness of available crisis resources, programming, and collaborative opportunities in order to  save lives and instill hope to those affected by suicide..."

Neurodiversity & Special Needs

"To put an end to suicide within the neurodiversity and special needs community by raising awareness and providing appropriate education and resources."

Pediatric Suicide

"To reduce pediatric suicide in our region by providing better awareness, education, prevention and community empowerment. "

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